I’ve neglected my blog somewhat.  Life just seems to get in the way.

In the last month I’ve spent a few days in Krakow (beautiful city), started dance class, acting class, art class and my music club.  Oh and I’ve also been reading.

I’ve become rather hooked on the Outlander books.

I had never heard of the books nor the author Diana Gabaldon – until it was announced that they were going to make a television series and some of the filming would be done in Scotland.  Someone I knew even got a job as a costume maker and a friend’s daughter was an ‘extra’.   She would share little snippets of information/ publicity on social media.

It sounded really good.

I downloaded the first book and started reading.  I liked it from the start.  It had everything:  history, romance, time travel (?), kilted highlanders, castles, politics, engaging characters.

I read the first book fairly quickly and downloaded the second book.  I got through that one fairly quickly too.

The next book in the series was slightly more expensive.  I hesitated a bit then gave in and downloaded that.  I thought I was on book 5 of the series but having checked, I’m actually on book 6.

By this time my classes had all started back after the summer break.  Because I was reading the books on a Kindle app you don’t realise quite how “thick” they are.  Apparently they range from 750 or so pages to over 1400 pages.  I’m glad I’m reading the ebooks rather than carrying the paper version in my bag every day!

I’m normally a fast reader but these books have taken me a while to read.

Just one more thing – every woman should have a Jamie Fraser in her life!!

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