I’m back!

I last posted to this page in October 2014.  Oh where have the good intentions gone?

It has been a busy year and I have still been reading but I’ve also being doing other things.

I discovered I love acting.

Now I know I’ll never be an ‘actress’ but acting classes are such good fun.  I’ve done 3 x 9 week classes and even managed to learn lines for end of class performances.

I’ve also learned I love to sing in a choir.

2014 was a great year to be in the Glasgow area.  The Commonwealth Games were held here and because of that there were also lots of cultural events.  One of these ‘events’ was the the Big Big Sing.

The first event I attended was a Big Big Sing day in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall in February.  You didn’t need to be in a choir or even be able to carry a tune – you just had to enjoy singing.  The main auditorium was almost full and we learned several songs (some in other languages) and in 3 or 4 part harmony.  I added my name to their mailing list and throughout the year I was invited to take part in workshops, flash mob choirs, even a specially formed community choir who recorded a song for one of the live events (Tin Forest East End) and sang at the opening of the Tin Forest.

During the Summer there was also a Big Big Big sing held at Glasgow Green and there were about 40,000 people there.  That was an amazing day.

The Big Big Sing suits me. I’m not committed to going to a choir every week.  I get invited, if I can take part in whatever they have organised, then I commit to that.

The latest (exciting!) project is a 100 voice choir performing at Glasgow Green at BBC Proms in the Park at Glasgow Green.  100 people who hadn’t sung with each other before the first rehearsal will be performing on stage with the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra.  We have had 3 rehearsals and will have 4 more before the big day.

So, to go back to the subject of books… what have I been reading?

To be honest most of them have been free downloads for Kindle from Amazon. I use Bookbub and Book Hippo.  I get emails offering free or very low priced books.  I can set how often I get the email and what genres I like to read.  I think I’ve requested thriller, romance, family saga and historical.    Although quite a number of them are predictable romances some of these are actually very well written and an enjoyable read.  They’re not usually thought provoking or life changing but they help pass a few hours.   It’s very simple to register on these websites.  My mother is 80 and downloads books to her Kindle via Book Bub.

I also occasionally read books for a magazine Reader’s Panel.  I’ve just finished one but have still to give feedback.  It is set around the Hollywood film industry. A work of fiction but based on real people – mainly Loretta Young, Spencer Tracy, Clark Gable, David Niven.  I found it a little bit slow going at the beginning but once I got into it, it began to flow and in the end I had enjoyed it.  It didn’t help that the formatting was a bit out and some words and phrases weren’t where they were supposed to be.  I wasn’t to be concerned with proofreading but I think I would like the book better once its revised and the formatting fixed.

Watch this space.  Maybe another blog soon!

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