I need more time!  I have 3 books waiting to be read, two via NetGalley and one that I bought on Amazon.

The one I am currently reading is Madeleine’s Kiss by Peter Gilboy. The cover says “A love Story of Suspense” – and it certainly is.  The story is told in the first person and the storyteller is a professor of art history, Adam Snow.

He seems rather strange.  There is calmness about the book but it seems a false calm and there are underlying tensions.

We learn there has been an incident, possibly involving the disappearance of ‘Madeleine’.  The book opens with Adam Snow writing his account of the events leading to his arrest and trial.  The Jury are out and he is waiting to hear their verdict. He hasn’t taken the stand during the trial.

We can’t be sure if Adam Snow is lying or not.  He gives an explanation for everything that has happened (not necessarily in chronological order) but is it the truth or something that he believes is true or a complete lie?  His explanations are plausible and could be the truth.  He suggests that witnesses didn’t see what actually happened. There is no doubt they did see the events that have led to him appearing in court but perhaps they have somehow added details that didn’t actually happen.

Is ‘Madeleine’ real, or imaginary, or a ghost.  She is also rather a strange character if we are to believe Adam Snow.   Or is he just completely off his head?

The book is certainly suspenseful.  I wanted to read to the end to find out what actually happened.  On   the other hand it wasn’t one of those books that you just couldn’t put down, (you know, the book you read until 2 or 3 in the morning just to finish it) not initially at least,  I was probably just over-tired last week.  I certainly enjoyed the story.

 I found it gripping (I think that’s the word I want).  It’s certainly different to the books I usually read and I would be happy to read more by this author.  The writing style was good – easy to read and easy to imagine the locations and even the ‘action’.   The dialogue was believable in a crazy sort of way. The suspense is kept up all the way to the end. I really liked this book.

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