I’m a bit late with my latest “reviews”.  I’ve been busy working my way through three very enjoyable books.

The first of these is Glum by Eilian J Richmond.

Although the book is called “Glum” it’s not glum at all.  I thought it was a very enjoyable book. Sometimes sad, sometimes frustrating but overall funny and very entertaining.

Are you a fan of tv talent shows?  I watch them (sometimes) but with a degree of cynicism.  I intensely dislike the cringeworthy moments when they narrate the back story of the contestant, usually involving bereavement, unemployment, desertion or depression – sometimes all of them.

Well the main character, Andrew, is 30 and has gone back to  live with his mum.  He writes songs and plays the guitar.  He’s recently been diagnosed with clinical depression.  When he tells his Mum she merely says “you’re glum”.  When he tells his best friend Sam (who I found irritating but in a good and necessary way for the story), Same thinks “that is so rock and roll” and suggests that he should apply for the tv talent show.

Andrew applies (without telling anyone) and the rest of the story is about Andrew’s ‘journey’ on the show, during which he meets a girl he really likes but she is already with someone.

We encounter quite a few hilarious characters and also get glimpses into the past where we meet a younger Andrew.

Andrew’s Mum is a lovely character too – she seems very soft and gentle, often gets her metaphors and her words mixed up, but is stronger than you realise and the love between her and Andrew is pretty obvious.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this book but I thought it was very good.

There is a little bonus with the book.  There is a link to Andrew’s songs which you can stream or download for free on Soundcloud.  (www.soundcloud.com/glumsongs).

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