I have a few books ‘pending’.  Some I bought, and some were sent to me via NetGalley for review.  I desperately want to start reading them but I’m still working my way through a rather ‘thick’ book (I say thick, but it’s an ebook so it’s hard to tell – although it does say I’m 33% through it!) due to be published on 20 October.  Hopefully I’ll have finished reading and posted a review by then.

It’s long for a debut novel.  According to Amazon  the hardcover version has 944 pages so although I like a good ‘meaty’ read, I’m very glad I’m reading it in ebook format.

 Anyway I might have more to say about it in a week or two.

I love reading but sometimes you need a break so Sunday was spent at a Big Big Sing Day in Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.  It was amazing – 5 hours (including breaks) singing with hundreds of other people.  It’s good for the body and good for soul!

We learned to sing 5 songs on Sunday with harmony (some in 4 part harmony).  Big Big Sing days are for anyone, singers and non singers, old and young.  We were celebrating the 25th birthday of the Concert Hall so the songs kind of acknowledged the 90s or singers/bands who performed there in the 90s.

Stephen and Adey taught us the songs supported by a fantastic band and three wonderful singers on stage.

I’ve now got a couple of days free so it’s back to reading!

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