I’m still on the crime novels!  I’ve been lucky enough to have been given advance copies via NetGalley in exchange for a review.

It might seem a bit strange that I’m really liking nearly all of them.  However that might just be that I am getting better at requesting books that I think I will enjoy. So here are another couple of short reviews.

The first one is The Lion and the Rose by Riccardo Bruni (author) and Aaron Maines (translator).  I loved this book (I was given an advance copy through Netgalley).  
The story is set in early 16th century Venice, a perfect setting for all the dark goings on.
There is something for everyone – gruesome murders, secrets, open secrets, political intrigue, secret societies, plots, conspiracies, torture, forbidden love and a scholarly German monk named Mathias (who has been questioning his faith) who has reluctantly been hired (or rather pressed) into investigating the murders.
Venice is the perfect setting for the book with its network of canals and dark alleyways. 
It seems to be a good translation of a well written book.  I loved this book even although initially I wasn’t sure if it was my type of book (until the last month or so I seemed to be reading a lot of romance and ‘chic lit’ and enjoying these too).  It reminded me a little of the Brother Cadfael novels by Ellis Peters although these were set in an earlier century and not quite so ‘dark’.  I would say The Lion and the Rose is perfect for those who like crime thrillers and mysteries, especially those in a historical setting.  

The second one is a bit different and maybe even a bit quirky.  It’s not available until 20 October 2015. 

The Unfortunate Decisions of Dahlia Moss by Max Wirestone involves a ‘virtual’ theft and a murder but it is a whodunnit with a twist.  Dahlia (not an experienced detective) gets herself involved in the virtual world of gamers.  

At the start Dahlia is given money to investigate the theft of a ‘virtual’ spear – “The Bejewelled Spear of Inifinite Piercing” but she soon becomes involved in a real murder.

To be honest I didn’t dislike this book and I did read it to the end but it didn’t quite catch my attention enough to keep me up to the small hours to finish it. 

It would probably appeal to someone a bit younger than myself.  I’m retired now and I’ve never really been involved in online virtual worlds so I might be a bit too old to be classed as a total geek.

I have to say I did like it very much in parts.  Towards the end it was pretty funny, especially at the convention.  In fact the more  I read, the better it got.  Dahlia certainly gets herself into some weird situations.

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