What I read in my holidays

I started writing this post on Christmas eve while on a long car journey to spend the holiday with our family. Since I wasn’t driving I took the opportunity to read some of the freebies I’ve downloaded from Amazon. They’ve been available for some time.  I’m hoping at least some will be good (there are usually a few little gems). 

Almost 3 hours into our journey I finished a book that I had started the day before we set off.

Adrenaline by John Benedict  is a medical thriller and was very readable if slightly over the top.

It was a good read to make a long journey seem quicker!  It’s set in the Anaesthesia Department  of Mercy Hospital.  There were incidents in the operating room and unexpected deaths in fairly straightforward cases.  Was it just bad luck or was there something else going on? If these were deliberate acts, who is involved and why?

Dr Doug Landry finds himself the focus of the blame and he tries to get to the bottom of these incidents and clear his name.  However his investigation and discoveries put his own life at risk

There’s some clever deducing to get to the answer. The climax is way over the top but is actually quite exciting to read.  I enjoyed it.

It might not be the best choice for you however if you are of a nervous disposition and about to go into hospital for surgery!

When I bought the Kindle version of this book on 1st December it was free (although I believe that has now changed).

The author’s website is at www.johnbenedictmd.com

I’m now back home and in the middle of reading another book which was published last September. It’s a crime/psychological thriller In Search of Jessica by Declan Conner.  So far it’s been very good and I’ll post something once I’ve finished it.

I enjoyed reading The Tea Planter’s Wife by Dinah Jefferies last year and I’ve recently read a review copy of her next book The Silk Merchant’s Daughter (due out on 25 February and also good).  I noticed the Kindle version of her first book The Separation was being offered at a reduced price today on Amazon so I’ve bought that and I think that will be my next read.

Happy New Year!!

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